Let’s Pick a Wig Type!

Let’s Pick a Wig Type!

There are three major kinds of wigs: the full lace, the frontal lace, and the non-lace. Each wig type has its pros and cons, so make sure you buy the wig that is best for you.

• The full lace wig is made with a lace mesh cap and the hair sewn into it throughout. Our full lace wigs are made with 100% human hair, which not only can give you a natural looking hairline, but also easier to style because they can be parted anywhere. It allows more comfort when you are wearing it because it breathes more. The downside is that these wigs can often much more expensive than other types of wigs.

• The frontal lace wig is made with lace mesh at the front instead of all the way around. It gives you a natural looking hairline on your forehead, but it is made of more durable materials around the main part of your head. Our frontal lace wigs are made of real human hair materials and are cheaper than full lace wigs. The downside is that these wigs are not as natural looking as full lace and can be harder to style because of the way the wig is made.

• Our non-lace wigs are also made with 100% virgin hair, which are more durable, and much less expensive than other wigs. The downside is that these wigs don't blend into the hairline as easily as lace wigs.

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